Best Work Boots Below $100

Do you need sturdy boots for work? It can be easy to spend too much on boots by designer names and hard to find a good pair at a reasonable price.

Our best work boots below $100 will keep you safe and help you save money.

It can be difficult to find the right work boots for you on a tight budget. It is important to not skimp on safety equipment that you use on the job. Workers comp is only a limited benefit.

It’s easy to overspend on fancy boots with so many brands. We’ve rounded up the top work boots under $100 to help you save money.

How did we come up with our list?

We’ve selected 8 work boots that are affordable based on our field experiences and in-depth research on each pair.

We’ve divided them into the most popular categories to help you choose the right boots for your needs.

How to find the best work boots under $100

You get what your pay for. You won’t find the perfect pair of work boots for under $100, but these are some things to consider.

What are the risks you will be exposed to at your job? This is the most important question you should ask when shopping for boots. This is especially important in the budget category because boots with fewer features are more affordable.

A boot with safety-toe is required if you are working with heavy equipment. A composite toe is better than a steel toe if you work in a public building that scans for steel or at a fire academy that limits steel toes.

A sole with slip-resistance and traction is required if you are working on slippery or wet floors.

All of these features can be found in the budget range. However, not all of them are in one boot. It is up to you to determine which features are most important for your particular situation.

The Best Work Boots Below $100

FITONE Ankle Boot

The FitONE Ankle Work Boot features a holy trio of comfort features: a Phylon outsole and an EVA insole.

Phylon, a foam-based performance fabric that Nike uses to make athletic shoes, starts with the outsole. It is lighter and more responsive than rubber, which can be rigid. This reduces pain in your feet, hips and lower back.

The Phylon soles make the FITONE Ankle Work Boots a great option for anyone who works on their feet all day.

EVA insoles are the classic EVA that is well-known for its durability and shock absorption. They relieve the pressure from prolonged standing and walking. EVA insoles do not contain any toxic chemicals and are BPA-free.

The uppers are also made from water-resistant microfiber leather. This leather is lighter than real leather. Each boot is only.06 lbs. These boots can be bent with your naked hands to make an accordion.

Fake leather uppers are also more resistant to color than real leather so they will last longer.

Timberland PRO Pitboss

Timberland’s PRO brand, was launched in 1999 to target tradesmen. Even their $100 Timberland PRO Pitboss offers comfort and protection.

The toe box has a large asymmetric toe and features a steel tip for falling objects. Outdoor workers who are exposed to changing weather conditions will appreciate the slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. Additional protection features include an electric hazard resistant and Goodyear welt construction.

Polyurethane is used to make the midsole, which is also supportive and comfortable. It is durable, breathable and heat-transfers well. The Pitboss has a Cambrelle fabric lining, which is antimicrobial and moisture-resistant.

The top collar is padded which is an important feature that is often overlooked in this price range. It’s not a major deal if you have the right work socks. But, it is a nice extra touch.

Because of its durability, the uppers of the Pitboss work boots are made from Nubuck leather. The Pitboss is a classic, practical style that uses Nubuck leather. It’s velvety and robust.

Wolverine Floorhand

Slippers are better than lace-ups. They should be easier to put on, take off, ventilate, and provide more space. The Wolverine Floorhand Boot will do all of these things for less than $100.

Because of the full mesh lining, Floorhands are very easy to slip into and out of. Because mesh is elastic, it allows you to glide your foot through it and then pop it in place.

Boots made from full leather tend to be less breathable than boots made from synthetics. This is where the mesh lining steps in to save the day. Mesh allows moisture to evaporate from your feet, keeping the interior dry.

The Floorhand is the perfect boot for bushwhacking. Lace-ups are more suitable for hiking, but you can also tighten the fit by tucking in your pants. This will prevent your pants from snagging.

Slip ons are also simple and have a classic silhouette. These Wolverines look great. They are stylish and sleek.

Caterpillar Threshold Industrial

There are many great steel-toe work boots on the market, so you might be wondering why the Caterpillar Threshold Industri Boot stood out from the rest. Its ASTM rating is the short answer.

ASTM, an international standards organization, rated Threshold’s steel toe at ASTM F2413-11 C/75 . This boot was able to withstand a 50lb drop at 1.5 feet.

Its test results showed that the Caterpillar Threshold could protect toes against an impact of 75lbs, compressive loads upto 2,500lbs, and more (that’s what the C/75 rating and 1/75 ratings mean).

It is also capable of protecting against open circuits that exceed 600 volts in dry environments.

Although there are steel toe boot options that meet all these requirements, they tend to be more expensive and don’t offer other premium features. The Caterpillar Threshold has full-grain leather uppers that are both durable and abrasion-resistant.

Skechers Workshire Relaxed Fit

Many construction workers do many different tasks in one day. These include erecting scaffolding and operating large machines. You will need boots if you work in construction. These boots provide complete protection and comfort, whether you are seated in a bulldozer all day or standing.

The Skechers Workshire Relaxed Work Boot combines unique qualities.

Skechers Relaxed Fit boots have roomier toe boxes, air-cooled memory foam insoles, and are more flexible, making it easy and enjoyable to climb up high cranes. The lace-up, ankle high fronts with sturdy metal eyelets allow for a snug and durable fit despite the relaxed fit.

The boot’s entire interior is lined with memory foam and has a cushioned collar, tongue, and shock-absorbing insole. The boot is super comfortable, even when you stand for long periods of time.

The boot also features an electric hazard protector, a steel toe and a slip-resistant rubbersole–all essentials for construction sites.

Skechers Soft Stride Canopy

Another Skecher Relaxed Fit boot. The SkechersSoft Stride Canopy Boot weighs less than a steel boot but is still compliant with ASTM standards for impact and compression.

The composite safety toe, which is made from layered ceramic and durable fabrics, has passed the ASTM standard F2412–2011 I/75C/75. It also meets the same standards as the steel-toe Cat. It is also resistant to electrical hazards. The safety toe is not made of metal and can be used on any job site that has metal detectors.

Soft Stride is 30% lighter than regular steel-toes and therefore easier to walk in. You can work for longer hours and feel less tired because of the lower weight.

Skecher’s Relaxed Fit boot has a cushioned lining and a footbed with air-cooled memory foam.


Ever Boots Ultra Dry Work Boots have so waterproof that even the laces can be hydrophobic. These work boots aren’t the most waterproof, but the Ultra Drys have a high score.

EVER BOOTS is extremely detail-oriented in their waterproofing.

  • The upper is made of waterproof full-grain leather
  • The lining is a waterproof, breathable membrane.
  • It’s made with waterproof sealed direct-attach and waterproof sewing.
  • The laces are waterproof
  • The outsole is made from weather-resistant rubber.

Yes. These bad boys can’t be gotten wet.

Their shock-absorbing polyurethane sole makes them comfortable and soft, while the polyester lining acts as an insulation. The are equally effective in cold conditions as they are in warm ones.

Style-wise, the full-grain leather upper and the bold black and yellow laces are my favorites. The bag has a cool outdoor look and subtle, but appropriate pops of color.

Caterpillar Second-Shift Work Boot

Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and it’s no surprise that they offer a concrete-friendly workboot in the $100 price range. The Caterpillar Second-Shift Work Boot features a well-cushioned sole and exceptional traction. These are essential qualities for those who spend their days on hard concrete floors.

The insole of the Second Shift is made from a soft, four-way stretch fleece. It offers comfort and breathability and allows the boot’s to move with your foot, regardless of how stiff the outsole.

It is the hard outsole that provides concrete floor traction. It is made entirely from oil-resistant rubber with deep lugs inspired by Caterpillar tracks.

The boot’s 100% leather upper has a speed lacing shaft that provides additional stability. It is also Goodyear welt crafted for greater durability.

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